If you hate the craziness of getting Thanksgiving dinner organized, cooked, cleaned and on the table…. let Marigold Catering simplify your holiday. We are offering a fantastic full Thanksgiving Menu, and all you have to do it pick it up and heat it up! 

2015 Thanksgiving Menu


fall salad. mesclun greens. fennel. butternut squash. pumpkin seeds. dried cranberries. maytag blue cheese.spiced orange vinaigrette.

small 30   large 65


garden salad. chopped spinach and romaine. cucumbers. tomatoes. red onions. ranch dressing.

small 25   large 50


traditional stuffing. celery. onions. roasted garlic. toasted bread cubes. turkey stock.

small 20   large 40


cornbread sage stuffing

wild mushrooms. sage. sweet onions.

small 25   large 50


parsnip pear gratin

parsnip, pear, caramelized onion tarragon cream sauce.

small 30   large 65


roasted red skin mashed potatoes

whipped and tossed with sour cream, sweet butter, roasted garlic and sharp cheddar

small 20   large 40


carved brined turkey

traditional pan gravy, spiced cranberry relish.

8/lb (12-15lb avg turkeys)

we recommend 1 lb pp plus ½ lb per kid  (gravy and relish on the side)


herb roasted 16hr certified angus beef sirloin.

cooked sous vide with rosemary and garlic for 16 hours, then flashed on the grill for a smoky finish.


We recommend 6-8oz pp


fresh rosemary and black sea salt focaccia. whipped butter.



pumpkin roll. 20.ea

spiced pumpkin cake, cream cheese frosting. Caramel sauce

 pumpkin pie. 25.ea

praline garnish. vanilla whipped cream.

 southern style pecan pie. 25.ea

 flourless chocolate torte. 35.ea


Small order feeds about 5-6 adults

Large feeds about 12-15 adults