Akron Art Museum

Choosing the Akron Art Museum as the venue for your wedding, corporate event or social gathering ensures an exquisite fusion of artistic allure and timeless sophistication. The museum’s remarkable architecture provides a mesmerizing backdrop, ideal for capturing your most cherished moments amidst its sleek lines and contemporary design. Imagine exchanging vows or hosting a soiree amidst stunning works of art, enveloped by an atmosphere of creativity and refinement. Beyond the captivating indoor spaces, the museum offers an enchanting garden and terrace, providing an idyllic outdoor setting for ceremonies, receptions, corporate or social gatherings.

Whether amongst the lush greenery of the Bud and Susie Rogers Garden, within the grandeur of the Beatrice Knapp McDowell crystal atrium, or in any of the museum’s distinctive spaces, your event at the Akron Art Museum promises to be an unforgettable masterpiece—a perfect blend of cultural richness, elegance, and joyous celebrations.

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